Black and White - Art Exhibition, Magazine Launch, Art

A pop-up group collaboration of artists exhibiting in celebration of our fourth issue of TBCMAG, we are hosting COMMISSION FREE ART SALES, a range of LIVE ART plus your chance to get involved in our second TBC ART AUCTION where money raised will be contributed to keeping our free magazine in print!

Black and White - Art Exhibition, Magazine Launch, Art Auction and Live Art.
Friday 24th July 2015 -  Crowbar Black.
Teens On Acid, Henry Bennett, Penny Lonie, Juxtafied Airbrushing, Cross Stitch Of Contempt, Dave Behrens, Olivia Willis, Debs Lim, Sloe Motion, Winter of '72, Emma Le Strange, Lusid Art, Kasper, Jordan Wearn, Jenna Coverly, Ruby & The Fox, David Don, Jon Weber, PhilB, Jetta's Nest, Matt Warrell, Cronk & Tonic, Travis D. Hendrix, Barek, Powell, Jeremy Eden.
Live Artists:
Teens On Acid, PhilB, Dave Behrens, Cross Stitch Of Contempt.
Cassie O'Grady, DJ Fluent JB, Army Of Champions, Dead Joe.
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