A Brisbane Festival Basement Mixtape
 Motherboard Productions and The Brisbane Collective
27th September 2013
A jam-packed, interactive evening dedicated to 50s rockabilly, hotrods, tattoos, car boots, plaid shirts and pin-up babes, set amidst a smoky basement saloon. Slip on your retro getups and shuffling shoes and prepare to get your 'silly' on as the venue busts out live performances and music of the dark, brooding, sexy, southern kind... 

Get your locks cut or a close shave (free) by our resident barber Jay from Cutthroats & Powder Puffs, candy from the corner store or photo with a pin-up...

MOST IMPORTANTLY : Slammin tunes will be delivered to you by Regular Gonzales and there won't be a dry seat in the house...

Featuring artwork by some of Brisbane finest artists and curated by The Brisbane Collective's Megan Starr-Thomas, including work by: 

Richie Blackheart
Aureole McAlpine
Emma Rowell
Sammy Winks
Ella Mobbs
Seventh Circle Studio

The Brisbane Collective is a fresh art initiative showcasing the works of Brisbane's creative talent through a series of DIY pop-up art exhibitions. 


Motherboard Productions is a Brisbane-based producing house delivering live performance events and theatrical projects to audience around Australia and the globe. With a focus on 'turning exceptional creative concepts into reality', we produce works of theatre, dance, music and live art."


Music by Regular Gonzales - https://www.facebook.com/regulargonzales
Video Production by Henry Cook

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